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WL - Series Baskets

The new "WL-Series" baskets have waterproof lids made from high quality aluminum. The baskets pictured on this page are 12' long x 4' wide. If this size is not adequate for your needs, these baskets can be customized to your exact specifications.

Features and Benefits

  • The baskets are waterproof to protect your cargo from the elements
  • The baskets are stackable to save yard or shop space
  • Each basket comes with a 4 leg sling that exceeds all oil companies standards
  • Innovative pad eye designed to allow stacking without removing the slings and shackles
  • Innovative "nesting" design insures stability while stacked on location or at your facility
  • Nylon straps and ratchets can be installed to secure your cargo
  • Safety Features

  • 3-140 lb. gas shocks raise lids and help secure lids while they are open
  • Lids have safety chains and latches for safety purposes
  • Dimensions of baskets can be customized to fit your specific needs
  • Ideal for TCP, Fishing, Gravel Pack, Slickline, Electric Line, Salvage, Construction, etc. The list is endless!