Poseidon Rentals, LLC, offshore shipping container specialists, CCUs.
Company Slogan

Poseidon Rentals, LLC Pledge

Poseidon Rentals, LLC will provide the absolute best shipping containers for all of your offshore (or onshore) needs.

  • We have baskets and boxes from 4' to 95' long.
  • All of our baskets are custom built and hot dip galvanized to prevent corrosion.
  • They undergo yearly load certification and are visually inspected regularly.
  • The baskets come equipped with 4 leg slings that are certified annually.
  • Our baskets exceed industry standards for safety and construction.
  • You may opt to store the baskets at your location for convenience and accessibility.

Quality Construction

Heavy duty pad eye.

Heavy Duty Pad Eye

Our baskets are made from high grade steel and are built to withstand the intense loads that usually accompany offshore equipment transit. The slings and shackles that are used are made in the USA.

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Customer Requirements

Lidded, lockable, stackable tool baskets.

4' X 12' Lidded, lockable,
stackable tool baskets.

Poseidon Rentals, LLC takes pride in the fact that we can build exactly what our customers want. We have engineers design and we oversee the construction to insure the quality of our products.

Many of our baskets and toolboxes have shock absorbing material mounted to them to insure the safety of your expensive equipment. Our baskets are "forklift friendly" and many have ratcheting tiedowns to secure the load. Some of our baskets are stackable to save space and maximize efficiency.

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