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Tool Boxes

Poseidon Rentals, LLC is proud to introduce our line of top
quality toolboxes. The new toolboxes are waterproof and made
of heavy duty, high quality aluminum. The toolboxes are
lockable to protect your cargo from tampering or non-authorized
use. The boxes shown in the pictures below are 12' long X 3'
wide X 3' tall. If this size is not adequate for your needs, these
boxes can be customized to your exact specifications.

Top quality toolboxes, waterproof, heavy duty to protect your cargo.

Features and Benefits

  • The toolboxes are lockable to secure your cargo
  • The boxes are stackable to save yard or shop space
  • Boxes have shock absorbing rubber skids below to lighten the blows
  • Toolboxes have quality custom design and construction.

    Quality Custom Design and Construction

  • Each toolbox comes with a 4 leg sling that exceeds all oil companies standards
  • Nylon straps and ratchets can be installed to secure your cargo (the box shown has straps)
  • Two 50 lbs. gas shocks raise lids and secure lids while they are open
  • Boxes have tool racks and tool trays to organize cargo/li>
  • Dimensions of boxes can be customized to fit your specific needs
  • Ideal for TCP, Fishing, Gravel Pack, Slickline, Electric Line, Salvage, Construction, etc.
  • Lids have safety chains and latches for safety purposes